Digital or Offset printing? Let Matrix Printing help you decide on the best option for your printing needs.

My job as a print broker is to find the best trade price for you. Dealing with Australia’s biggest printers gives me the opportunity to give you great value for money while being very efficient!

We can supply perfect printing every time with a turnaround time that is second to none! Please see the below information About the two most popular printing techniques and you will understand what technology is best for your product.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is the next generation for the printing industry. Digital printing is a lot slower than Offset printing (at the moment) but produces top quality printing while being more efficient! The reason that Digital Printing is so affordable is that there isn’t any need set up for registration and there is hardly any wash up time like there is with Offset Printing. This method of printing will definitely be the printing of the future.

Offset Printing

Offset Printing is the most traditional type of printing worldwide. You can choose from single colour all the way up to 5 colour printing with this method. The advantage with Offset Printing is that you can produce small and large run Products as the speed of the machines can range from 10,000 prints to 100,000 prints per hour. This makes long runs very affordable. Offset Printing is still very much the number one method of printing in the industry.

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